Bow ties and all, the Strokes are back with their new video for Undercover of Darkness. While they are dressed in their prom-night best they fall short of entertaining us. The video consists of a band performing around a dinner table and on a large stage. At least the guys chose a gorgeous theater to shoot the video at, enough to redeem themselves or will we have to wait until the next video?

While being on the topic of new music videos, Ke$ha graces us with her new video Blow. All I can say is that the video consists of unicorn heads, former Dawson Creek star James Van Der Beek trying to make a come back and Ke$ha’s acting skills shining through. Enough said?


Splitsville for White Stripes

White Stripes have officially called it quits today. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to fans since Icky Thump was their last release in 2007 and since then Jack White has created and played music with The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. The band did not give specific reasons for the official split but that it was for “a myriad of reasons… mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band.” Which makes me respect them as musicians more then I already did.

Numerous bands are making a come back this year after a long break from the music scene. The Strokes are set to release “Angles”  in March and Foo Fighters have confirmed that they will release their new album in April. Pete Doherty has even discussed the possibility of the Libertines reuniting and performing. (Whether Doherty was sober when he made this statement is still in question)

My 16-year-old self is very excited about these new albums (and concert dates!) These bands should leave no room for disappointment since fans have been waiting for some years now for new material.

Leaving you all with a little tribute to the Stripes.

Your ultimate mix tape?

I was skimming through NME articles this morning and came across this video of The Strokes talking about their ultimate mix tape. I’m a 90s baby so I did grow up with cassette tapes and CDs more so CDs, I always remember my parents using cassette tapes in the car when I was younger. The Strokes reminisce over the years of when they made mix tapes and what songs were on them. I can only imagine the feeling of how authentic and how true one’s love for music feels now as opposed to ten years ago. They joke and describe what their walkmens looked like as well.

New technology and programs have allowed us to download music and make instant playlists. The thought of someone having a walkmen nowadays is as if you were living in the stone age. Purchasing CDs seems to be a thing of a past, why go out and buy something when you can download the whole album and then some free of charge? The mentality of many is that “if it’s an artist I actually like I’ll go out and buy their album.” I do have a large CD collection but I collected those in my teenage years. Now in my twenties, I haven’t bought a CD in about three or four years. I collect music from friends and stream them off websites like 8tracks and Stereo Mood.

I miss the feeling of anticipating the band’s album release now every album is usually leaked onto the internet for millions to download. The chances of us sitting by the radio waiting for them to play the song we want to put on our mix tape is not likely, there are so many outlets for the younger generation to get music from that mix tapes are a thing of a past. It will just be another story told to the younger generation who will never know the feeling of being passionate about a band or an artist enough to go out and purchase their CD.