#Libyan woman tells story of rape

Recent footage has surfaced of Iman Al-Obaidi in the presence of international journalists saying she had been raped and beaten by the Libyan Military. She is surrounded by the foreign press and is pleading and screaming for help, she gets taken away by these men who forcefully drag her away from the hotel and at one point put a bag over her head then take her away in a vehicle. As you can see in the video the journalists are asking where she is being taken to yet they get pushed out of the way and are left helpless as they watch this woman be manhandled.

This happened Saturday at Rixos hotel, Obaidi showed foreign journalists visible rope burns on her wrists and ankles and bruises on her body. She was picked up at a government check point, claims she was tied, beaten, raped and abused. She said she had been held for two days and gang raped by 15 of Gaddafi’s men.

Obaidi struggled for nearly an hour since journalists were trying to stop what was going on, camera equipment was smashed to prevent video footage of this being seen. Libyan state TV is also claiming this woman is a prostitute but the relatives that were interviewed say that she is a lawyer in Libya. CNN offers videos & first hand accounts from the journalists that were there.