Recent Work

I currently contribute to an online magazine about sustainable fashion. Contributing to Ef has made me think differently about the clothes I wear. I spend a lot more time in thrift stores then I do in H&M now.

I’ve also had the opportunity to speak to innovators trying to make a difference within the fashion industry. Toronto-based artists, Interim, are trying to change the way people think about thrift stores. They set up pop-up boutiques every five to six months around the city. Their next pop-up shop is going to be in New York this September! Check out my interview with them back in April, here.

Along side photographer, Sam Marlow, we are covering the best thrift shops in Toronto. We chatted with Gadabout Vintage owner, Victoria Dinnick, about how she came to amass her large collection for her shop. Seriously, if you are in Toronto, you need to check out this store to believe the collection Dinnick has. Check out our multi-media package for Ef.

This week we are visiting t-shirt haven, Black Market. Eventually, we want to put together a map of where Torontonians can find the best vintage shops.


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